2017.03.20 16:29

Morning Dew

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1. Sun in the day, the moon at night, declare how great is Thy
Lovingkindness and Thy faithfulness (Psalm 92:2)
Give life and breath to man, Your race
Longing for them to seek Your face (Acts 17:25-27)
Loved me, You’re not ashamed
“I have called you by name” (Isaiah 43:1)
Healed me, the brutish and lame
“I have held you by hand” (Psalm 73:23)
Your faithfulness, Your love untold
At last Lord You break my stronghold.

We consecrate anew
Do train, conform us to You
“May we be like the morning dew,
“How I love You”
Young people satisfying You.” (Psalm 110:3)

2. Your charming self and cheering love drew me to run to You
I thought I could be absolute
But how I’ve failed, how I’ve stumbled
To run this race divine by self
Now I abhor myself
“Look away unto Me” (Hebrew 12:2)
I just cannot prevail
“It is by My Spirit” (Zechariah 4:6)
I am faithless, You’re faithful still (2 Tim 2:13)
Your love is stronger than my will.

3. Your gracious gifts, Your holy calls are irrevocable (Roman 11:29)
Though I am not but You are able
From strength to strength, grace upon grace (Psalm 84:7, John 1:16)
Sustaining me to win the race
My life I give to You
“I will never leave you” (Hebrew 13:5)
My dreams and future, too
“Nor will I forsake you” (Hebrew 13:5)
Oh Lord I do! I do! I do!
I love You Lord I really do.





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