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Jesus Lord, I just love You

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1. Jesus Lord, I just love You.
You’ve attracted me, and my heart renewed.
I pursue You like a dove;
I belong to You, and You’re my Beloved.
Everything under the sun is vanity:
It’s like chasing after wind, so emptily;
You have put within me, Lord, eternity...

2. Now I rise to come away;
In the cleft rock, Lord, I would ever stay.
Kiss me, Lord; refresh me, too,
As I gaze at You, and Your death I view.
You were broken on the cross for me, dear Lord.
All Your being, life and love for me was poured.
Precious One, You are the One that I adore...

3. Make me, Lord, a fragrance true,
As a garden filled, with Your spices new.
Transform me, Your Bride to be,
For Your heart’s desire, through eternity.
As Your lover in the veil, I long to be,
Be conformed to Your sweet death continually,
’Til Your city we become eternally.




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