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There’s a gospel of today

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1. There’s a gospel of today
That says believe and you’ll be saved and then
You can go to heaven and see the pearly gates
And walk the golden streets;
Words like these fail to treat
All the vanity that is hidden in me.

2. But the gospel is to me
The Triune God within humanity
As the Spirit reaching me to be in me
The one reality;
Love untold—Gospel Thee
Never getting old—story told eternally.

3. Left the ninety-nine behind—
You searched until the lost sheep You did find,
Laid me on Your shoulders there, You bore me in
Your tender loving care;
Rejoicing—You found me
Though a small lost sheep—You gave all to come find me.

4. Sweeping in my deepest parts,
You lit a lamp and searched my inward heart,
Sanctifying deep within You shined in me,
Exposed me of my sin;
Repenting—now I see
Lord, You’re sprinkling me—with the blood You shed for me.

5. Eagerly awaiting me
That I the slightest turn to Thee would make
Though my life had been a wreck, You ran to me
And fell upon my neck
Kissing me, affectionately;
Killed the calf for me—“Let us eat and be merry.”





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