1. I’m gonna praise God unceasingly
Because He lives in me,
He’s everything to me,
Gives life continually.
I’m gonna praise God unceasingly
Because He lives in me,
And He will never leave.

Now in our spirit we can feed,
Jesus Christ is all we need,
Call His name and He becomes reality.
Open up your mouth and you will see,
Just how rich our Lord can be.
He’s the very life supply, complete is He.

2. Now I live by the tree of life,
His fruit does nourish me,
O, how it strengthens me,
I’ll live eternally.
Now I live by the tree of life,
Him daily I apply,
He is my food supply.

3. There’s a river of life in me,
Flowing so livingly,
Moving continually,
He just keeps flooding me.
There’s a river of life in me,
He’s always filling me,
His name is Jesus Christ!





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