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Lord, take my life

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Lord, take my life
I give it, Lord, to You.
You have opened my eyes, Lord,
And turned me to You.
You are my Creator, O Lord,
How I love You.
You are also my Savior
And everything that’s true.

1. Lord, so often I’m like Thomas
Who would not receive:
“Unless I see Your face, Lord, I would not believe...”
But then You would appear...
“My Lord and my God”
Saying, Blessed are they who see not, yet believe.

2. I have someone deep within me
Welling up in me each day.
Even though I have not seen Him in such an outward way—
“Whom having not seen, I love,
I love, oh so much.
And by having His life, yes, I believe.”

3. Day by day I look forward to
That time I spend with You.
Just as Mary poured her love out,
O Lord, I would too.
Grant me, Lord, a heart
that’s single and true.
And a daily life that’s living just by You.

4. So when daily I see trials
And tribulations sore,
May I put my trust in You, Lord,
“For Christ has gone before”
And open to Your living Word,
Receiving faith—
Reach me, Lord, with Your mercy and Your grace.





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