1. I come before Thy throne of grace
With hungry heart on Thee to feed,
Thy grace and mercy to receive
To help me in this hour of need.

2. Here I behold Thy radiant face,
Its light upon my heart doth shine
With healing rays consuming all
The weaknesses and faults of mine.

3. ’Tis here Thy light illuminates
My true condition unto me;
’Tis here Thy blood’s effectiveness
To cleanse from sin I gladly see.

4. Thy Spirit too anoints me here
And makes Thy very substance mine;
Thy very self I thus enjoy
And know Thy very heart’s design.

5. Thy Word I read before Thee here
E’en as the priests the lamp did light;
Thy Spirit is as oil to me
To light Thy Word and give me sight.

6. E’en as the priests the incense burned,
In prayer to Thee I persevere;
As incense Thou the Spirit art
Mixed with the prayer I offer here.

7. Thy Word is light, Thy Word is food;
Which doth enlighten and supply;
I long to read and feed much more,
For light and food to satisfy.

8. Thou art the living water too
Which full revival doth bestow;
I wish to pray and drink e’en more
That through me living rivers flow.

9. Thou art the incense unto God,
In Thee acceptance is complete;
I want to pray yet more and more,
To offer up this fragrance sweet.

10. By reading I’m enlightened, filled,
By prayer my thirst is quenched indeed;
Thus Thou to me may be supplied,
And Thou through me may meet the need.

11. I long to have such fellowship
To read and pray and blend with Thee;
I long that Thou wouldst saturate
Till Thou may overflow from me.




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