1. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for dying for me.
It’s Your precious blood cleansing all iniquities.
It’s there on the cross where You bled and died for me.
Lord Jesus, I thank You, I’m fully justified in Thee.

Lord Jesus, I love You,
You’re precious to me.
It’s here in Your presence,
I’ve seen Your beauty.
You’re matchless, You’re priceless,
You’re everything to me.
I’ll love You forever—
You are the only One for me.

2. Daily I come to be supplied by Your word.
It’s by this supply that I’m richly satisfied.
It’s here that I’m strengthened to live the Christian life.
It’s nothing I do, but Your overflowing grace to me.

3. Each day as I wake up I come to You, Lord.
Our fellowship sweet must be daily restored.
Void of offense, keep my conscience so pure.
Soften me, Lord, so that You alone may have my heart.





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