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The Heart of God

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1. In a time before time,
In an age before the ages,
There was God, all alone, in eternity.
Yet He had a heart’s desire.
And an object He required;
A desire in His heart
For a bride, a counterpart
That was deep inside the hidden heart of God.

2. So the heavens He spread,
Earth was made, its foundations laid.
At His word were the birds and the animals.
Then He breathed the breath of life in
To a man created like Him.
As they walked along the way
In the coolness of the day
The intent was still within the heart of God.

3. Man surveyed what God made
Giving names, but he never came
To a mate, and he ached for a counterpart.
He could taste the ’ternal yearning
That so long in God was burning!
Eve was built from Adam’s side
And his heart was satisfied;
Told the story of the hidden heart of God.

4. But when Eve was deceived
What was pure fell beyond a cure.
Dead to God through the dreaded serpent’s subtlety.
Left creation in a quandary!
Generations lived in mystery!
Seeking Job could not perceive
But persisted to believe
There was purpose in the hidden heart of God.

5. In the time He designed
He was born of a virgin’s womb
To reveal what was sealed from eternity.
He was born in human history
To reveal its greatest mystery.
That the answer for the earth
Was that Christ so loved the church.
He would die to satisfy the heart of God.

6. As the throne had foreknown
Many men were deceived again
Through the lies they devised
He was crucified.
As the lonely grain was falling
Still the joy before was calling;
Blood and water from His side
Would redeem and build His bride.
She would satisfy the riven heart of God.

7. Though His death’s final breath,
Finally fell, He could not be held
For His life was divine and unbreakable.
He arises, powers hear it!
He will court her as the Spirit!
As the Spirit giving life
He will find and form His wife.
She will satisfy the living heart of God.

8. When He breathed, she received
His divine personality,
Moving in, washing sin, death and age away.
So that He might sanctify her
By the washing of the water!
Adding beauty, adding health
To present her to Himself
And to satisfy the holy heart of God.

9. In a time beyond time,
In an age beyond the ages,
God and man will be one for eternity.
Hallelujah, what a story!
She was brought from gloom to glory!
And the longing from the start
For a bride, a counterpart
Is fulfilled inside the happy heart of God.





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