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Jubilee! Yes

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1. I love the Lord, the Lord loves me,
From bondage He has set me free;
From captive heart to reality,
His Spirit's now in me.

Jubilee! Yes,
From bondage Christ did set me free;
Jubilee! Yes, Jubilee!
The Lord is now in me.

2. Compassion, love, and kindness, too,
Were human qualities He knew,
Healing, forgiveness, dispensing He,
To proclaim the Jubilee.

3. The Lamb of God, anointed He,
To bring good news to the poor you see;
Releasing those oppressed like me,
To proclaim the Jubilee.

4. Enjoying Christ is my delight,
Salvation came to ease my plight;
I'm one with Him; He's one with me,
Throughout eternity.

5. I'm feasting now since He came down,
Where joy and rest in full abound;
My heart is full of praise for Him,
I'll proclaim the Jubilee.

6. In the New Jerusalem eternally,
Among the raptured saints we'll be;
We'll praise our God through eternity,
We'll proclaim the Jubilee.





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