Good morning to You, Lord Jesus

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* Good morning to You, Lord Jesus,
I consecrate myself to You today.
Lord Jesus! I love You!
Oh, fill me with Your Spirit
And saturate me, Lord, I pray.

1. Good morning, dear Lord. Hallelujah!
My spirit is alive and bold today.
Come forward is Your call
To the holiest of all;
Your blood has cleared a new and living way.

2. Good morning! Amen! Oh, praise the Lord!
I live this day one spirit with You.
To Your word I say, “Amen.”
Give me fresh experience again.
My heart, my mind, Lord, soften and renew.

3. O Lord, this is the day of my salvation.
Your living Word will operate in me.
Today You are my choice.
I’ll exercise to hear Your voice.
Then let You live and move and speak in me.