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There is Someone (the...

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There is Someone (the comfort abounds NYCYP cd)

There is Someone interceding for you.
He's in the heavens and He's praying for you.
There is Someone who stands before the face of God
And knows every one of your needs.
There is Someone. Just believe.

Chorus: Though you can't see Him, have faith
That He's working behind the scenes.
Though the heavens are silent right now,
Be simple to love and believe
In Jesus our high priest.

There is Someone who is living for you.
He is list'ning and responding to you.
He's preparing, arranging each circumstance
To meet every one of your needs.
There is Someone. Just believe.

There is Someone who is strengthening you.
He's sustaining and He's bearing you through.
You're not forgotten. At this moment you're in His
He's ministering what you need.
Love this Someone and believe.


The comfort abounds (the comfort abounds NYCYP cd)

He's the Father of compassions,
The God of all comfort,
Comforting us in a personal way.

Though the sufferings abound,
Christ the Comfort abounds.
Partake of the Comfort today.

The ministry is formed when we turn to the Lord,
And experience Christ in affliction.
Then we unto others a comfort become,
True ministers in resurrection.

So stay open, open to Him,
The God of all comfort,
Then He can touch others in a personal way.
Comfort to you, comfort through you;

The Comfort abounds!
Partake of the Comfort today.


발자국을 콕 찍어 주세요. ^^

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